Meeting held to discuss Bpt. police disciplinary issues

Bridgeport Mayor John Fabrizi met with top officials Tuesday to talk about disciplinary matters within the Bridgeport Police Department.
Fabrizi said two police officers are being fired, but neither he nor the department can release the names or reasons why.
According to Fabrizi, he held the meeting so all involved parties could go over the department?s disciplinary procedures. Included in the meeting was Police Chief Bryan Norwood, Internal Affairs officials, the department?s labor relations officer and the police commissioner.
During the meeting Fabrizi addressed several issues. Fabrizi said disciplinary matters need to be heard and disposed of in a more timely manner. He also said the disciplinary process needs to be fair and equitable to everyone. Fabrizi said when discipline is imposed, it needs to be understood by both the police department and the public.
Fabrizi said one other officer will be suspended.