Memorial event helps fill libraries with books

The Vicki Soto Foundation teamed up with Scholastic Saturday to fill school libraries before the school year begins.
Soto was an elementary school teacher who was killed while trying to protect her students during the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012. 
Her brother, Matthew, says instead of birthday or Christmas gifts for herself, she asked friends and family to buy books for her classroom.
"Her classroom library was huge," he says.
Scholastic donated 100 boxes of new books.
Sarah Nizzardo, the librarian at the STEM Academy in Monroe, says the school has no money in its budget for books. 
"Books are everything. Books give kids an outlet where they can expand their world, they can experience things that they wouldn't experience in their normal lives" she says.
Family members say Soto's commitment to education went above and beyond.
The giveaway will continue Sunday at 11 a.m.