NASA, NOAA to launch cutting-edge weather satellite

NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are about to launch a highly sophisticated weather satellite designed to help meteorologists all over the world more accurately predict weather patterns.  
According to NASA:
These spacecraft help meteorologists observe and predict local weather events, including thunderstorms, tornadoes, fog, hurricanes, flash floods and other severe weather. In addition, GOES observations have proven helpful in monitoring dust storms, volcanic eruptions and forest fires.
The benefits that directly enhance the quality of human life and protection of Earth's environment include:
  • Supporting the search-and-rescue satellite aided system (SARSAT)
  • Contributing to the development of worldwide environmental warning services and enhancements of basic environmental services
  • Improving the capability for forecasting and providing real-time warning of solar disturbances
  • Providing data that may be used to extend knowledge and understanding of the atmosphere and its processes
News 12's Meredith Garofalo will be attending the launch on Tuesday, March 1 in Cape Canaveral.  She will be providing updates in our live blog
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