Milford 5th grade student appointed to the cabinet for Connecticut's Kid Governor

A Milford fifth grader has been appointed to the cabinet for this year's Kid Governor.
Cora Aitkenhead says when Meadowside School joined in on this year's Kid Governor project, she took the campaign seriously.
Aitkenhead's plan for fighting climate change has three main points. The first is "be the change."
She says schools across Connecticut should form environmental clubs to work on monthly schoolwide projects.
Another is to have Earth Day be held monthly instead of just April 22.
After all the votes were cast, she was selected as one of just seven finalists who will serve in important positions in kid government this year.
Aitkenhead says her interest in the environment starts close to home - her father is an environmental teacher.
Her father, Mike, sees a possible political career in his daughter's future. Aitkenhead says she's leaning in a different direction, with a focus on education.
Kid governor-elect Reese Naughton, of Southington, ran on a platform of COVID-19 safety.