Milford house torn down after crew botches raising

A house near the beach on Cooper Avenue in Milford had be torn down after a construction mishap left it jutting into the air and injured a worker.
The plan was to raise the Schettino family's home near Silver Sands State Park. But something went wrong: The house shifted, fell and caused a minor injury to one crew member. 
Video of the incident shows the house sliding off its supports and landing on one corner with the other side facing upward.
Joan Perugini says she was cooking lentil soup next door.
"I heard a big boom, and I went running out," she says. "Two of the men were under the house. I said, 'Should I call 911?' And they said 'No.' And I got ice for them."
One of those workers was taken to a hospital and later returned with a sling on his arm.
Firefighters assessed the damage and decided the safest option was to demolish what remained of the building. The homeowners and neighbors looked on as crews brought it down.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and state building inspectors are investigating.