Man launches mobile school for making New Haven-style pizza

It's the universal debate in Connecticut, and one that is especially relevant in October since it's National Pizza Month: Who makes the best New Haven pie? Pepe's? Sally's? Modern? Thanks to Frank Zabski, the answer could be you.
"I call myself the Polish pizzaiolo, so that's a Polish person that makes pizza," he explains.
Zabski, of Milford, has a "super passion" for New Haven pizza—one he's now sharing with his latest business venture, New Haven Pizza School.
"I came up with this idea about four months ago because I love people, I love pizza, I love teaching people," Zabski told News 12.
Every Monday night, Zabski holds classes at a pizzeria in New Haven, where he teaches people how to make the dough and the sauce, assemble the pizza, then bake and launch it. But he also has a mobile component to his school where he takes his lessons on the road and teaches people in their own homes. Zabski brings the ingredients, the cooking tools, and most-importantly, his knowledge.
You might be surprised to learn Zabski's background isn't in food services but IT. The entrepreneur owns a Mac support business and, until a year ago, a cabling infrastructure company. But he grew up in West Haven and first learned the art of "ah-beets" when he was 12.
"This lady Mrs. Slivey, this little old Italian lady, off the boat as they say, she showed us how to make the dough, the sauce," Zabski said.
Zabski has used that know-how in other ways over the years. In 2012, he started Fired Up Pizza Truck and did that on the side for a few years until demand got to be too much. He also has a YouTube channel doing pizza reviews.
Zabski explained one of the secrets of a good New Haven pie is using bread flour.
"The dough is the big thing. The thin crust, freshly made, freshly milled Italian tomatoes, a little extra virgin olive oil, and I think really the true secret is the Pecorino Romano that gets sprinkled on," Zabski said. It's also cooked "low and slow," meaning on a low temperature for a longer time.
News 12 of course had to get his thoughts on the question of which pizzeria is truly the big cheese in Connecticut.
"Well, other than me?" Zabski responded, laughing. "The best is hard. I know I have to answer this question, but I don't want to," he said laughing again. Eventually, Zabski admitted Pepe's will always reign supreme for him because of the family memories he has there.
"But the one thing I do want to say is that there's a lot of places that have really upped their game. I call Connecticut the Major Leagues of Pizza."