Milford officials to take additional steps to prevent future brawls at Walnut Beach

The City of Milford is taking steps to ensure a brawl doesn't happen again at Walnut Beach, like the one on Memorial Day.
There will be additional parking restrictions, improved infrastructure around the beach perimeter to better monitor those coming and going, and new personnel assignments.
Milford Mayor Ben Blake said a temporary fence was installed Wednesday around the perimeter of the parking lot to ensure there's only one access point inside. The mayor says the temporary fence will be replaced by a permanent structure in the near future.
Milford police will also be watching social media for any announcements about gatherings.
"In the next couple of weeks, we're hiring some police parking attendants, we are making sure our police are deployed appropriate to the beaches and continue to make sure it's well managed in a variety of ways. So we're bringing in our recreation folks, we're bringing in our public works folks," said Blake.
During Monday's brawl on the beach, multiple police departments responded to gain control of the situation. Some officers' body cameras were stolen in the process.