Milford twins surprise mom with sudden arrival

A Milford mother is recovering at a hospital Thursday after unexpectedly giving birth to twin boys at home.
Larryett Thomas, already a mother of four, received quite a surprise when she went into labor a month early Wednesday. As if that wasn?t enough of a surprise, the twins just couldn?t wait to get to the hospital for their grand entrance.
?I was trying to put my pants on and only had like one leg in ? and the baby just came right down,? Thomas says.
The paramedics arrived seconds after the first baby was born and were there to deliver the second child 14 minutes later.
Thomas says the twins weren?t due until Feb. 2. She says that other than the lack of painkillers, everything was fine and her babies are healthy. Meanwhile, Thomas will be celebrating a birthday for one of her other children this Saturday.
For an extended interview with Thomas about her early delivery, go to channel 612 on your iO digital cable box and select iO Extra.