Minority-owned businesses say it's been a struggle to get pandemic federal aid

Some minority-owned business say it has been difficult for them to receive federal relief for small businesses during the pandemic.
Day care centers like Bright Morning Star Daycare in Bridgeport have struggled just to stay open.
Owner Rosie Jones received two Paycheck Protection Program loans and other money from Washington, but it took months to navigate the process.
On Tuesday, Jones and other minority business owners met with Sen. Chris Murphy to ask for help in cutting all the red tape and bureaucracy.
"It was still just a lot of work, and for those who don't have that sort of time to listen to every webinar and listen to the governor talk every day for the entire year, I'm sure it was extremely excruciating," Jones said.
"The PPP program has gotten a lot better as time has gone on. So we have been able to -- especially through our office's efforts -- get funding to minority-owned businesses and really small operators," Sen. Murphy said.
Both the Paycheck Protection Program is already dried up and a Restaurant Revitalization Program are dried up.
However, businesses owners can still get an Economic Injury Disaster Loan -- up to $500,000 at 3.75% interest with the ability to pay over 30 years.