Mom-and-pop pharmacies struggle to retain employees amid nationwide staffing shortage

Pharmacy customers may notice longer lines and shorter hours, as pharmacies across the state deal with a labor shortage.
Dr. Justin Buturla owns Unity Pharmacy. He worked Monday on his day off to keep the storefront open to customers.
Owners of mom-and-pop pharmacies say personal relationships with their employees and customers are helping them navigate the staffing shortage.
"…We're able to retain them, and then also get recommendations from them for other employees that might be unhappy at their jobs now," said Buturla.
Buturla's business partner is also part owner of a local restaurant chain. He says in all industries right now, candidates are hard to find, and they don't stay out there for long.
As employers struggle to pinpoint where the labor shortage is coming from, Buturla says pharmacists need to find ways to keep their services available when they're needed.
"It's not something, as a society, we can afford to have shut down. Because we provide critical care to people in need," said Burtula.
The Connecticut Pharmacists Association says employee burnout during the pandemic probably played a role in the current staffing shortage.