Monroe man donates 100% of pizza proceeds to fire victims he never met

A Monroe family forced out of their home by a fire is getting much-needed help from a complete stranger.
Dave Kuban owns the Planet Pizza in Norwalk but lives in Monroe. His daughter goes to school with one of the kids whose family lost everything in a fire at the Great Oak Farms complex last week.
The Monroe Fire Department sent News 12 pictures of the fire. No one was hurt, but fire officials say the family can't move back in yet. They're currently living with neighbors.
Kuban says his wife wanted to do something to help the family, so he set up his pizza truck at the corner of Hattertown and Easton roads in Monroe and is making lots of pizza pies.
All of the proceeds will go to help the family. He says he's already received more than 300 orders and counting.
"[I] never personally met them. I just know they're from the town, and everybody talked great about them,” said Kuban. “We felt like we had to step up and do something and this is what we thought of." 
The pies he is slinging are pre-order only, but there is a donation bucket for people who want to drop by and help.