More people dining out at restaurants in Connecticut

More people are dining out at Connecticut restaurants, ScottDolch, president, and CEO of the Connecticut Restaurant Association, says.
Dolch says more people are coming back to restaurants now that COVID restrictions have been lifted.
"Consumer confidence has really started to build back. I think probably around Valentine's weekend is where we started tosee a surge and it's continued, which is great. There are other factors hurting restaurants right now, but the good news is people are coming back, supporting them, and feeling comfortable about eating inside, which is great" Dolch says.
Dolch says restaurants are still facing an employee shortage and food supply chain issues.
"I think perception doesn't equal reality. You might see a busy Saturday night at a restaurant and think they're doing well, but you might forget that they're not open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. They may not be open for lunch seven days a week because of the worker shortage that we're feeling," he says.