Morristown residents enjoy 1st snowfall of the season

New Jersey saw its first snow of the season Monday, and some people in Morristown took advantage of the snow day to go out and enjoy the first taste of winter.
Liz Ostendorp took her 3-year-old daughter Scarlett out to the Morristown Green to take some pictures out in the snow.
“We’re trying to get some Christmas pictures for the Christmas card,” she says. “I used to do photography, but now it’s just for fun.”
Morristown holds its annual Christmas festival out on the Morristown Green, complete with wooden soldiers and a Santa Claus cottage.
But getting around Morristown became increasingly messy as the day went on due to the amount of snow and ice on the roads. Morristown Mayor Tim Dougherty said that the town was prepared for the weather.
“We’ll be out all day and all night keeping our roads clear so people can get through,” he said.
Parts of New Jersey saw over 6 inches of snow Monday.
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