Pleasant Monday in Connecticut; midweek rain and wind looms

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Michele Powers says more rain, wind and milder temperatures are on the way starting Tuesday.
MONDAYThe day starts off sunny before becoming partly cloudy overnight. Highs near 45. Lows settle to 40 near 8 p.m. then rising temps overnight. 
TUESDAYSlightly warmer day with rain showers throughout the day. Rainfall expected is close to a quarter of an inch. Highs near 54. Lows near 48.
WEDNESDAYRain continues throughout the day before tapering off by late afternoon. Highs remain mild near 57. Lows near 43. 
THURSDAY: A break in the rain with partly cloudy skies and temps in the low-50s. Bridgeport near 52 degrees. Lows drop near 33. 
FRIDAYSeasonal feel with temps dropping near 46. Active winds and rain with a coastal system approaching. Possibility of flurries in north and west. Lows near 29.