Mother charged with deaths of 3 children drowned in Coney Island

The NYPD has arrested the mother of the three children found dead in Coney Island, and charged her with three counts of murder.
Police charged 30-year-old Erin Merdy with murdering her three children by drowning them at Coney Island beach.
She is facing multiple counts of murder, including intentional murder, murder with deprived indifference to human life and second-degree murder of victims under the age of 11.
Those charges were brought Wednesday afternoon after the medical examiner determined the cause of death was homicide by drowning.
The children, 7-year-old Zachary, 4-year-old Liliana and 3-month-old Oliver, were found in the waters off Coney Island early Monday morning after someone called 911 saying they had reasons to believe the children were in danger.
The mother remains in the hospital where she has been undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.
A candlelight vigil began on the Coney Island boardwalk near where the children were found at 6 p.m. today, with balloons, flowers, photos of the three child victims, and hundreds of mourning Brooklyn residents present.