Mother opens up to News 12 for first time since son's 2019 murder

Friday marks three years since a father-to-be was murdered while at a truck driving school in Bridgeport. On this somber date, the victim's mother sat down with News 12 Connecticut for her first interview.
"Every day is hard--every day, from the time until I wake up until the time I go to sleep," said Dawn Martin, whose son died Feb. 4, 2019. "But today it hits you because you can't believe that you're here in this position. The people that are responsible are still out there."
Eric Salters, 28, of Hamden, was shot to death outside the New England Tractor Trailor Training School on Barnum Avenue, where he was a student. Police say Salters was heading to his car in the parking lot during a break from classes at the time.
"Out there just trying to do the right thing and was gunned down. And no answers yet," Martin said.
Shortly after, Bridgeport police released surveillance video of two people believed to be connected to the killing, but since then, there have been no updates.
"Every day you wait, you know, for a phone call. Is this going to be the call? Is this going to be the call," Martin told explained. "To the people that committed this crime against my child, just know that I'm going nowhere. I'm going to troop this out till the end."
Martin still has a piece of her son in her young granddaughter named Erie after the dad she never got to meet. Erie was born soon after Salters died.
"That's hard," Martin said.
Erie is now almost 3, and according to Martin, the spitting image of her dad as a kid.
"It's beautiful, and it's heartbreaking because I think of the good father that he would've been to her. I had him for 28 years, and she never got that chance," Martin told News 12.
She's vowed one thing as she waits for justice. "My son will not be forgotten about."
Anyone with information on the murder of Eric Salters is asked to call the Bridgeport homicide tip line at 1-800-978-2828.