Mother says Bridgeport preschool infested

A Bridgeport mother who says her children's preschool is infested with rodents wants school officials to do more to address the problem.
Elisa Sanders says the pest problem has gotten progressively worse ever since the young children at the ABCD Learning Center started to see mice in their classrooms.
"It was eating the crumbs on the floor," says Sanders about one of the rodents allegedly seen in the classroom.
Officials at the learning center, located at 52 George Pipkin Way, declined to comment on the issue directly.
However, the center?s director, Charles Tisdale, did say in a telephone conversation that Hall Neighborhood House owns the space where the preschool is located. Tisdale says it is the landlord's responsibility to hire exterminators.
Sanders says the rodent problem started about two months ago and stresses that not enough is being done to protect the students? health.
"I got two kids there, they're both there all day ? because I work, my husband works,? she says. ?I want it to be a safe environment for them while I'm at work."