Mrs. Doubtfire has been adapted into a Broadway musical. Hear from the actor playing the iconic role

Mrs. Doubtfire, a beloved movie starring the late Robin Williams, has been adapted into a Broadway musical.
Rob McClure's costumes give the character a familiar look, but he is creating a new Mrs. Doubtfire in a musical for the Broadway stage after growing up a big fan of the movie. 
“But, of course, it comes with pressure, right, because you're meeting an expectation, and a beloved one and a cherished one,” says McClure. “Robin Williams is one of my biggest heroes in the world.”
The stage adaptation follows the film's storyline -- an out of work actor named Danial Hillard disguises himself as a nanny in his former home, determined to spend more time with his children following his divorce.
“Anyone at home would go this is insane. this would never happen,” says McClure. “The only way they buy it is if they buy that this man is so desperate to be with his kids that he'll do anything ."
Becoming that believable character, McClure says, came with countless challenges.
“And the next thing you know you're having fittings, and sculpts for prosthetics, and you're getting fitted for teeth that are not your own and now you're trying to speak in a Scottish accent with teeth that are not your own,” says McClure.
Mrs. Doubtfire opened Dec. 5 at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre -- a long-delayed opening. In March of last year, the musical had gotten through just three previews when the pandemic shut down Broadway.
“And getting to turn out to an audience after 19 months of hell and tell them they're going to be alright, is such a huge gift,” says McClure.
Mrs. Doubtfire has canceled several performances in the past few days due to positive COVID-19 tests within the company, but hopes to resume on Thursday.