Multiple bullets strike home, nearly missing retired Bridgeport couple inside

The home of a retired Bridgeport couple was struck by gunfire as the two senior citizens prepared dinner.
The shooting happened Tuesday at 552 Maplewood Avenue around 4 p.m.
Marlene George, 81, and her husband Peter say they heard a rapid series of gunshots, then seconds later a bullet went right through their front window, missing them by only a foot or two.
The couple says they have lived in their house for more than 50 years, but this is the first time their home has ever been struck by gunfire.
"I am standing in the doorway in the way into the kitchen and I hear this bang bang bang sound, and I said, 'Oh, my God — those are bullets!' And then all of a sudden I heard the glass shatter and I ducked because I didn't know what was happening and I started cursing and I got scared and I started crying," Marlene says.
Marlene is a retired mental health care worker, and Peter is a retired English and Latin teacher who taught at local schools, including Bassick and Notre Dame high schools, for decades.
Police say they are investigating the incident.
The couple was not injured.