Murder trial begins in fatal shooting of amateur Bridgeport boxer

The murder trial of a Bridgeport man accused in the fatal shooting of amateur boxer Raymond Sierra is underway.
Police say Sierra, 27, was shot and killed in front of his home on Union Avenue in September 2020.
They say 26-year-old Deontae Boykin, of Bridgeport, is allegedly responsible. He is on trial for murder and attempted robbery.
Sierra’s family came together in a show of solidarity at the trial.
"We're hoping for justice,” said Irma Borges, Sierra’s sister-in-law. “Very nerve-racking for all of us."
"It's been life changing because it's so traumatic, the way it happened,” said Ashley Sanchez, the mother of Sierra's children.
Dennis Bradley, Boykins' attorney, listened in court as police officers and the victim's family testified. He said he also wants justice for both the victim's family and his client.
"What we want to do is just highlight the truth of the matter…justice for Mr. Boykin, who's been wrongfully accused of crimes that he did not commit,” said Bradley. “We're hoping that a jury of his peers today will start deliberating and hearing exactly what happened on this fateful night that led to the death of a beautiful young person."
"If I could speak to him, I would like him to know that not only did he take away an amazing man – but his five kids, including my three oldest, are suffering," said Sanchez.
Attorneys say the trial's expected to last for about two weeks. Sierra’s family said although their beloved boxer can't fight for himself anymore, they plan to take his fighting spirit into the courtroom every day as they fight for justice.
"We're hoping that with this we can get some peace out of it, we're able to move forward,” said Borges.