Muslim solidarity rallies call for end to hate crimes

People of all faiths gathered in Stamford and Norwalk to call for an end to hate crimes.
Services and rallies were held to remember the victims of the tragic events that unfolded one week ago today in New Zealand where a terrorist killed 50 people while they were praying.
News 12 Connecticut spoke with those who joined the events at Al Madany Islamic Center of Norwalk.
"Terrorism has no religion and we stand together,” said Rabbi Jeremy Wiederhorn, of TCS Westport.

“It doesn't matter what religion is being targeted. It’s the fact such extremists do such disastrous things,” said Sayed Reza, of Norwalk.
Norwalk has increased police presence around the mosque following the tragedy. One week after the shooting, New Zealand's government is now on track to ban assault weapons starting next month.
An interfaith service will be held in Norwalk Sunday at 5 p.m.