Mysterious illness affecting dogs spreads across 14 states. Here’s what to look out for

A local veterinarian is sharing recommendations for dog owners concerned about an infectious respiratory disease that has now been identified across 14 states. 
Andrew Pickerstein, a veterinarian at the Spot on Vet Hospital, says pet owners should look out for coughing, sneezing and discharge from their dog’s nose and mouth.
He says little is known about the illness.
"Is this a new novel pathogen, or is this just a higher level of vigilance that is kind of identifying a previously known respiratory pathogen?" asks Pickerstein.
Connecticut has not reported any cases, but Pickerstein says this is a time for pet parents to be mindful about where their four-legged friends go and who they interact with.
"Don't be around dogs you don't know, not being around dogs that are obviously showing symptoms of illness. Coughing dogs, things like that," said Pickerstein.
He says there’s no urgent threat, but dog owners should be more aware of their dog’s behaviors and look out for symptoms.
"Especially if it progresses it can show systemic systems, such as being lethargic not eating," said Pickerstein.
He says the illness can lead to pneumonia and even death in rare cases.
Pickerstein also recommends dog owners contact a specialist to get their pet checked out if they’re experiencing any symptoms.