Mystery bite: Police say 'unknown fish' bit 35-year-old surfer in Suffolk

Islip lifeguards pulled a 35-year-old surfer out of the water just before noon Saturday after he suffered a small cut to his foot from what's described by police as an "unknown fish."
The man did not require stitches, but his cut was treated at Good Samaritan Hospital.
"It could have been a shark, it could have been a blue fish," says Long Island Shark Man Chris Stefanou. "I think it may have been a brown shark."
Mike Langer, with the Long Island Aquarium, says it may not have been a shark.
“My initial reaction is that this might have been caused by a blue fish. Blue fish are medium-sized fish that we have here in the northeast and these animals have very sharp teeth and they are very aggressive,” says Langer.
According to the University of Florida's International Shark Attack report, there were only 47 unprovoked confirmed bites by sharks in the U.S. last year --- one of them fatal.