National Association for Gun Rights sues Connecticut over assault weapon ban

The National Association for Gun Rights is asking for an injunction preventing Connecticut from enforcing an assault weapon ban while the case makes its way through the courts.
The group says the ban is unconstitutional after a new Supreme Court ruling this summer.
“Today, the burden of proof is on the government to explain exactly how their gun ban is consistent with the plain text and historical context of the Second Amendment - which they cannot do,” said Dudley Brown, in a statement. “The day of reckoning for the State of Connecticut has come, and it's time for them to answer to the Second Amendment for trampling the gun rights of their law-abiding citizens.”
In News 12's attorney general debate this week, both candidates said they would defend Connecticut's assault weapons ban in court.
"I don't have to tell you how extraordinarily dangerous this is,” said state Attorney General William Tong. “In this moment, to seek an immediate repeal of the assault weapons ban and to put assault weapons, weapons of war, back on our streets here in Connecticut."
The assault weapon ban was one of the laws passed after the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown.