National Fire Prevention Week highlights steps to take to prevent house fires

The National Fire Protection Association is marking 100 years of Fire Prevention Week. It comes as fire-related deaths are at a nearly 15-year high.
The Westport Fire Department says they receive around 3,500 to 4,000 calls a year, from fires to medical emergencies.
Chief of the Westport Fire Department Michael Kronick says unattended fireplaces, electrical causes and heating equipment are some of the main causes of fires they see.
"Fire today travels a lot faster than it did a generation ago because of the amount of consumer products in our home," said Kronick.
He says having a plan to get out is key.
"It is important to have a plan and know how to get out of your house, and have more than one way out of your house," Kronick said.
He says to make sure you have working carbon dioxide and smoke detectors.