National shortages impacting Halloween shop in Greenwich

With supply chain issues impacting businesses around the country, local stores in the area are also taking a hit which may impact Halloween shopping this season.
Sophia’s in Greenwich has been around for nearly 40 years and the owner, Sophia Scarpelli says she has never experienced a costume shortage like this year.
Scarpelli says that she only received one-third of the Halloween costumes she ordered. Some of those items include go-go boots, different wigs, and accessories. 
Many of the products come from China and Indonesia but she says the reason she’s hearing for the shortage is the lack of staff to empty the shipping containers and a shortage or truck drivers.
"So I’m a little upset about that I’m hoping that the supply chain opens up by Halloween as i said about 30-thousand dollars worth of our merchandise didn’t come in and i just canceled most of it now because it’s too late"
Despite the shortage this year, Sophia’s was still busy Friday. 
Scarpelli added that the shortage is significantly impacting her Christmas costumes and decorations already.