Naugatuck man leads state police on chase down I-84

A Naugatuck man was caught on video appearing to lead police on a wild chase down I-84 Thursday night.
State police got several calls about a Ford F-150 driving erratically on I-84 near Plainsville.
When officers eventually pulled over the driver, Daniel Rapuano, they say he refused to open his car door and listen to officer.
Instead, police say he sped off, throwing a police officer into the road.
Two officers followed Rapuano with their lights and sirens on.
When he refused to stop, police say the officers made him by intentionally crashing into his truck.
It spun out and stopped, giving the officers time to arrest him.
Rapuano faces DUI, reckless endangerment and assault with a motor vehicle charges.
He is being held on bond since he is currently on parole and considered high risk.