NEBCo sends out 10 golden lids on Schnitzengiggle cans for 'Wonka-esque' contest

One of Connecticut's oldest craft breweries is offering a special tour of its facilities to 10 lucky winners. But they must find the golden lid first.
New England Brewing Company's Schnitzengiggle is distributed every year, but this is the first year it will be shipped out in cans.
To celebrate, NEBCo is seeing Roald Dahl's five golden tickets and doing him one better. The brewery sent out 10 golden lids.
Whoever finds the special Schnitzengiggle cans can come to the brewery Oct. 3 with a guest for a very special experience.
"It's a full, Willy Wonka-esque tour," said Jamal Robinson, director of sales at NEBCo.
Organizers are keeping mum about what to expect but did say oompa loompas will make an appearance.
"There'll be oompas on site for sure, and there'll be some translations from the movie itself, but we're going to keep it pretty NEBco, pretty original," Robinson said.
As of Thursday, there are still six of the special golden lids out there.