Network created for moms in Greenwich spreads nationwide

An idea by a Greenwich mom to make life simpler for other parents in her community has quickly spread to other states.
Layla Lisiewski created The Local Moms Network, an online platform for parents with hyperlocal information and resources, as a way to keep other moms in the know. Lisiewski started the network in 2016 as a calendar, blog and email list.
Lisiewski says when she moved from New York City to Greenwich she found that she was spending hours researching things from activities for kids to kid-friendly restaurants.
"Once I started aggregating information and really getting this all on an integrated platform--why not share that with the other moms in town who probably don't have enough hours in the day either," says Lisiewski.
Lisiewski says her website runs the gamut from updated calendars to information on pediatricians to play spaces for kids. She says the idea spread to other towns and then expanded across the country.
The network now consists of websites and social media platforms in more than 20 states.
"Last year at this time we had eight platforms and now we have 71-plus," says Lisiewski.
Lisiewski says besides offering listings and guides, the sites foster a sense of community and also create job opportunities.
All of the sites are run by moms who have their eyes and ears to the ground. Lisiewski says it's been a great experience.