New Canaan celebrates Hanukkah with parade

On Monday, New Canaan held a community celebration for Hanukkah with a parade and menorah lighting.
The parade began at the Saxe Middle School and headed toward the God's Acre for the community menorah lighting.
"On the first night, we lit one candle, bringing light into the darkness of the night. On the 2nd night, two and three and four, and tonight is the fifth night of Hanukah," said Rabbi Levi Mendelow.
There was live entertainment and several sweet treats for the community.
"A lot of people are feeling like there is darkness in the world, and we want to remind people about our capacity to bring light, hope, goodness, and warmth into the darkness of the night," Rabbi Mendelow said. "And so this year it's not enough to stay at home and light the menorahs, we want to go outdoors, we want to go out there into the night."
Parade cars were escorted by the New Canaan Fire and Police departments.
"This ability to go outdoors into the public spaces, and be proud of our Judaism, and to celebrate and get support from our town officials, our police department," Rabbi Mendelow said. "And to be able to drive through New Canaan, CT openly celebrating our Judaism is a [very] special part of this holiday for us."