New Canaan police test new way of capturing suspects

A police department in Connecticut is the first in the state to experiment with a potentially lifesaving device.
It looks like something out of Batman -- a lasso made of Kevlar called the BOLA Wrap. The New Canaan Police Department is the first to get it.
According to Edmund Hartnett with the brand, BOLA Wrap is a "unique, less-than-lethal device that's designed to restrain individuals." He adds it gives responding officers time, distance and options.
The device fires like a gun but restrains like a lasso.
"I'm glad to be an innovator in this area because certainly I think everybody in the nation is concerned about use of force," said Chief Leon Krolikowski.
Many encounters involve emotionally disturbed people.
"Police departments across the country are becoming de facto social service agencies," Hartnett says. "We're responding to more and more mentally challenged radio runs."
"This may not be the tool for every situation, but if it helps one instance in a year, I consider that a success," Chief Krolikowski said.
New Canaan police have one BOLA Wrap on hand, but officers need to be trained before it is used on a call.