New contamination found at Bethpage Superfund site

New contamination has been found at the Bethpage Community Park.
The old Grumman plant in Bethpage was declared a Superfund site in 1983 because of underground contamination after decades of military manufacturing at the site.
The ballfield at the Bethpage Community Park was closed in 2002 because contamination was found there. The contamination has now spread beyond the ballfield and into the parking lot.
"This was identified in 1983. If the Navy and Grumman were giving serious consideration of this contamination and cleaning it up, we wouldn't still be identifying hotspots like this," said Adrienne Esposito, of Citizens Campaign for the Environment.
After numerous delays, cleanup work was scheduled for the ballfield site for next spring. Now, additional tests will be needed to determine the extent of the new contamination and how to clean it up.
The original plume of contamination from the former Grumman plant is now more than 4 miles long and is spreading at about 1 foot per day.
Officials say the contamination is limited to the soil and poses no immediate threat. Testing will take place this month to determine the extent of the contamination and how to clean it up.