New evidence questions Skakel's murder conviction

Testimony about other potential suspects was heard Wednesday during day two of Michael Skakel's appeal for a new trial. Skakel, cousin of the Kennedy family, is seeking a new trial in the murder case of a Greenwich teen. In 2002, he was found guilty in the beating death of Martha Moxley in 1975. Skakel is currently serving 20 years to life.Lawyers for Skakel are basing their request for a new trial on statements made by a former classmate that implicate two others in the crime. An interview videotaped in August 2003 was the centerpiece of evidence Wednesday. The interview with former classmate Tony Bryant implicates Adolph Hasbrouck and Burr Tinsley in Moxley's murder. Two other former classmates, Crawford Mills and Neal Walker, testified that Bryant told them the story, but not until 2002. Mills says when he asked Bryant why he hadn?t come forward in the more than 30 years since the murder, he expressed his fear of implication. Mills honored Bryant?s request for secrecy until right after Skakel's conviction. Bryant has invoked his Fifth Amendment right and will not testify.Skakel's lawyers argue the evidence would likely have changed the verdict of the trial. Prosecutors question Bryant's credibility and the reliability of the evidence. News 12 Connecticut will carry exclusive live coverage of the Skakel hearing throughout the week. Related Information