New exhibit in Fairfield shines light on dark moment in Ireland's history

A new exhibit will open in Fairfield on Saturday, featuring art from a Connecticut museum dedicated to a dark chapter in Ireland's history.
Ireland's Great Hunger Museum was once was part of the Quinnipiac University campus, but now it is in the process of planning a move to a permanent home on Old Post Road.
Sculptures and paintings capture the agony of an era that rewrote the history of Ireland -- and the United States.
The Great Famine killed 1 million people and drove masses of others to immigrate to the U.S. between 1845 and 1852.
While some of the art may depict pain and suffering, the president of Ireland's Great Hunger Museum of Fairfield explains there is another message.
"It's a story of hope and I think America needs a story of hope. There is always a chance to renew, and that's something we are going to tell in this museum," said James Foley.
The exhibit will open to the public Saturday and be on display until Oct. 16.