New Jersey fire departments stand ready to make water rescues due to heavy rain

Fire departments across New Jersey are standing ready to make water rescues.
A nor’easter is bringing heavy rain and the potential for flooding to New Jersey. Gov. Phil Murphy has declared a state of emergency and has warned drivers to stay off the road as much as possible and to avoid flooded roads.
But if anyone does become stuck in the floodwaters, fire departments like the one in Sea Bright, are poised to help.
"What happens on the river usually affects what happens on the streets. The high tide will bring water up. There's a good portion of the side streets in the center of town that flood on the smallest conditions,” says Capt. Scott Shanker. “When we do get inundated with rain, it compounds it. This is what we’re trained for. This is what we like to do. this is what we love to do. So we have guys that will standby, we'll staff the firehouse tonight. We'll be ready."
The rain is expected to last through Tuesday and into early Wednesday. Flash flood watches are in place for most of the state until Tuesday evening.