New Jersey school districts may have to update water boilers under clean energy plan

School districts around New Jersey may have to update their water boilers by December. This is because there are new environmental rules from the Murphy administration.
The New Jersey Fuel Merchants Association claims that school districts could be on the hook for new electric boilers. The group representing fossil fuel interests says the cost could be $2 million per boiler.
But Democratic state Sen. Bob Smith says there is a state program to help schools pay for clean energy. The program uses the difference between the old and new energy bill to pay back the cost.
“And it depends on what the improvements are. It could be insulation, could be better appliances, better heating systems, better windows – whatever,” Smith says. “But you are doing a good thing for your kids, the school system and the taxpayers because ultimately you end up with the lower bills.”
Gov. Phil Murphy’s energy master plan sets a goal of having New Jersey 100% powered by green energy by 2050.