Family: 'Tan Mom' on life support following complications from pneumonia

A former New Jersey woman who became a media sensation known as “Tan Mom” is on life support following complications from pneumonia, according to the woman’s family.
Patricia Krentcil is reportedly in a hospital in Florida undergoing treatment. Krentcil’s songwriting partner, Adam Barta, told Us Weekly that Krentcil has been intubated and is in a medically induced sleep to help “until her heart and lungs are strong enough to handle functioning on their own.”
Krentcil made headlines in 2012 when she was accused of taking her then-5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth. Investigators said that the incident resulted in severe burns on the child’s body.
Krentcil was charged with child endangerment and pleaded not guilty. She was never indicted but gained fame due to her own extremely tan skin.
Krentcil went on to become somewhat of a “reality TV star” and released several songs and music videos.