New Milford High School science teacher seeks donations to replace items lost in fire

A New Milford High School teacher is looking for aid purchasing new school supplies after the building was badly damaged by a fire earlier this month.
"I remember when they told me that the fire was directly above my classrooms," said science teacher Marnie Taylor. "I was like, ‘Oh boy.’ ‘Cause I knew that meant that the majority of the damage was going to be focused on my rooms on the third floor."
Taylor says the adjoining greenhouse her students use for their work was all but destroyed.
"We have like, watering tables that the students put their plants on, and it's a horticulture class basically,” she said.
Taylor lost thousands of dollars of supplies and equipment in the blaze that she paid for with her own money.
"Anything you can do to get them engaged. I have my own personal speakers were in there for the computer. Thank God I brought all my laptops home,” she said.
Apart from big-ticket items like printers, Taylor says her classroom was full of crafting supplies she'll never get back.
"These are just the kinds of things that you don't necessarily can get your hands on, because that's not part of the supplies that the school supplies you with, said Taylor.
Taylor says she doesn't know any teachers that don't spend any personal money on school supplies.
"This is a nationwide situation that there's just not enough money in education,” she said.
A Kickstarter campaign launched this Sunday has raised more than $1,100 so far.
"Just last night I had a retired teacher donate $100 and she said, ‘Oh, I understand how much of our own money we put into this,’" she said.
Taylor is planning to use the proceeds to help other New Milford teachers recover what they've lost.
"Get my things replaced and then help other people with things that they lost in the fire as well,” said Taylor.
For more information, or to make a donation, click here.