New Rochelle fireman donates kidney to help one of his own

A New Rochelle firefighter who’s served his community for nearly two decades recently helped one of his own by donating his kidney.
Greg Rigos donated his kidney to Poala Galindo, the wife of New Rochelle firefighter Louis Riso, in February.
“You can donate of course to anybody, just put yourself on the donor list,” says Rigos. “But to actually help someone I knew? That made it special.”
Galindo has FSGS, a disease that affects the kidneys, which began to fail during her pregnancy and after she gave birth in July 2021.
Doctors told her she would need to start dialysis or get a new kidney. After a few potential donors failed, Rigos happened to be a perfect match.
“Not only is he like a hero that he works every day,” says Galindo. “But now he’s coming to my rescue in a medical need.”
Rigos and Galindo are both in good health.