Newly modernized Byram fire station serves the community while celebrating rich past

The Byram section of Greenwich opened a new fire station Sunday.
The new firehouse also serves as an opportunity to celebrate the neighborhood’s rich history that dates back to 1891.
"To be able to be back home and respond out of our own fire house is a great day," said Byram Volunteer Fire Department District Chief David Walko.
The building was under renovation for a few years, which forced crews to be stationed in other departments nearby. But with their brand-new fire station, they say their response time will be quicker.
"We are a smaller district, but we are the most densely populated and have some of the most hazardous facilities in town," Walko said.
But it's their lavish history that makes the department so profound. It was once known as the East Chester Volunteer Fire Department, because they responded to so many calls in Port Chester, New York - just over the Connecticut state line.
In 1919, the department turned over to Greenwich. Old photographs on display portray its memorable past.
"I think what makes it special for us is there's a lot of pride and history in the fire service," Walko said.
The new fire station also features the original fireman's pole that was used in the past along with some of the old airhorns they used to alert people when they were responding to fires.
"We brought some of that history back in," Walko said. "We think that part is one of the most memorable parts of the renovation here."
The fire station has new features that makes it easier for the department, like double-sided garages.