Newly released home security video seems to show no evidence Bridgeport boy was intentionally burned by friends

A month-and-a-half after a Bridgeport mom claimed her 6-year-old son's face was burned by bullies who attacked him with gasoline, a different version of events was released Friday from the other mom.
Dominick Krankall captured the hearts of millions after suffering severe burns to his face back in April.
While Krankall’s family had claimed one child purposely threw a lit tennis ball at the 6-year-old, causing severe burns to his face, that's not what seems to be on the home security video.
The video shows the kids playing with gasoline and setting balls on fire, but as Bridgeport police stated last week, there is no video evidence Krankall was intentionally harmed.
However, everything that happened cannot be seen because the boy was off camera part of the time.
"There was no bullying. You lied,” Laura Giacobbe spoke directly to Krankall’s mom Maria Rua Friday, saying Rua had "maliciously implicated" her child to gain the public's sympathy and encourage donations to the family's GoFundMe campaign, which in the end collected nearly $600,000. "You used my child and it hurts," said Giacobbe.
Giacobbe brought in high-profile litigator Christian Young who says he immediately began taking steps to help clear the family's name. 
"That was fueled by a false narrative,” said Young. "Video shows a bunch of young boys cavorting together having a lot of fun. There is no suggestion of bullying, coercion, compulsion or maliciousness whatsoever."
The family stood unified Friday, as their attorney said he plans, "to make this wrong right."
"Yes, the GoFundMe account could be an asset that is looked at for recovery by the Giacobbe Family," said Young.
Krankall’s mother released a statement saying, “I have not yet seen the video footage, and I do not want to because it's too traumatic for me. However, I've been told you cannot see everything that happened because Dominick is out of the camera's view much of the time. I stand by what my son told me, while screaming and crying, ‘Mommy, help me, they set me on fire.’”