News 12 Exclusive: Bronx man allegedly pulled over by NYPD due to mistaken identity

A Bronx man with no criminal record, and three children, tells News 12 he was driving home from work Tuesday night when suddenly his car was surrounded by unmarked cars and multiple guns in his face.
Martell Niblack says he thought he was being robbed as the men screamed for him to, "Get the f- out of the car."
When he finally did, he realized they were police officers, but said they never identified themselves or answered any questions.
The NYPD says the officers thought Martell was a man wanted for homicide back on Dec. 22. They realized he was the wrong person and let him go, saying they never questioned him or took him into custody.
But Martell says the experience has left him unable to sleep or think straight.
"Just trying to get through this the best way I can without thinking about losing my life tomorrow, next month, or next year because this could happen to me again. This could happen to anybody that's the color of my skin," says Martell.
Martell has now retained lawyers and filed a notice claim, seeking $1 million. He and his mother say it's not about the money, but about accountability.