News 12 viewer helps reunite Bridgeport man with missing service dog

A News 12 Connecticut viewer found a missing service dog taken from outside her owner’s Bridgeport home.
Princess was taken Saturday from the yard of Frank Casanovas. The weeklong separation began when Princess got loose and ran down the street.
Police say surveillance video shows a woman scooping up Princess and driving away in a light-colored sedan. Friends and family put up hundreds of flyers in hope of getting Princess back.
Princess, an 8-year-old rat terrier, can sense when Casanovas is about to go into respiratory distress and is specially trained to call for help. Casanovas, who is paralyzed, says Princess has saved his life on several occasions.
News 12 Connecticut viewer Jalallhia Dennis, who says she saw News 12 Connecticut’s story, spotted Princess walking free down Bershire Avenue and contacted the owner.

"Oh, I feel good, I'm happy, like, that's a life-or-death situation if he needs the dog to live," says Dennis.
Casanovas is grateful.

The owner says he promised that if the dog was returned there would be no questions asked. Police say they're still investigating but for that reason will not file any charges in this case.