News 12’s Brian Donohue tries to find the perfect hand-washing song

With fears of the coronavirus on everyone’s mind – New Jersey health officials are reminding the public to wash their hands often to prevent the spread of the virus.
Health experts say that to thoroughly wash one’s hand, it is important to use soap and warm water and to scrub for 20 seconds. Experts suggest singing the “Happy Birthday” song twice while hand-washing to ensure that 20 seconds have passed.
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But News 12’s Brian Donohue thinks that the “Happy Birthday” song is boring, so he went to the Princeton Record Exchange to see if music lovers had any other suggestions for hand-washing songs.
Suggestions included: The theme song to “Doctor Who,” “The Brady Bunch” theme song, and even the first chorus to the Snoop Dogg song “Gin and Juice.”
Whatever song New Jerseyans sing, they are reminded to continue to practice healthy hygiene to prevent the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.
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