Newtown children's museum offers hands-on educational experiences

A new children's museum in Newtown offers a variety of hands-on learning experiences meant to ignite the imagination.
Everwonder is a children's museum that is geared toward children ages 0 to 10. The museum's executive director, Merredith Christos, says the museum staff believes that children learn best through doing.
The museum features areas for different age groups, including a young explorer zone for ages 0 to 5.
The explore zone includes a vet lab where children have a small X-ray table, a grooming area and a vet table for them to be able to experiment and help stuffed animals or maybe adopt them out.
EverWonder Children's Museum also features a nature room where children can sell their own ice cream or different types of fruits and vegetables and learn about how vegetables are planted.
The other half of the museum includes live animals, including a ball python and a bearded dragon lizard.
"We truly believe that children learn through hands-on experiences," Christos says.
Christos says one of the newest exhibits is the Everbright wall, which is like a giant light bright except the pegs are replaced by knobs that twist and turn to make large, beautiful designs.
EverWonder Children's Museum is located at 31 Pecks Lane in Newtown.
For more information about planning a visit to the EverWonder Children's Museum, click here.