5 Newtown HS student athletes thrilled to sign to college, university sports teams

Five student athletes from Newtown High School made it official Wednesday morning as they signed to their respective colleges' sports teams.
National Signing Day looked noticeably different this year as everyone at the event wore masks and practiced social distancing inside the school's gymnasium.
Maybe it wasn't how they or their loved ones envisioned it growing up, but instead of complaining about stolen opportunities brought on by the pandemic, the group focused on the silver linings.
"They've had things that were given for other kids that were taken away, and they've persevered and worked through it and have achieved the goal of playing at the next level," said Newtown girls basketball coach Matt Murphy.
"Life is going to throw different challenges at you and just try to deal with it, make the most of your opportunities and just try to enjoy stuff like this even if it's not completely normal," said Jacksen Petersen, who will join University of Connecticut's baseball team.
Sending athletes off to the next level isn't anything new, but the kind of mental toughness instilled in the senior class certainly is.
"It's taught me to be more grateful for my sport and the bonds that I've made," said Katie Goyda, who will play field hockey for Bryant University.
Here is the full list of the student athletes, their respective sports and respective school who they will play for:
Katie Goyda, field hockey, Bryant University.
Caroline Mahoney, swimming, College of Holy Cross.
Jack Petersen, baseball, University of Connecticut.
Shea Murphy, girl's lacrosse, Kennesaw State University.
Emma Magazu, girl's lacrosse, University of New Hampshire.