'Nobody should be treated that way': Family of hit-and-run victim seeks public's help in search for driver

Stamford police have released surveillance images of a vehicle being sought in connection to a hit-and-run that left a 45-year-old man injured.

News 12 Staff

Jun 22, 2021, 7:38 PM

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The family of a Stamford man who was left critically injured after a hit-and-run are asking for the public's help in bringing those responsible to justice.
Yovany De La Rosa Vasquez, 45, suffered a broken neck and a brain injury. He can't talk, breathe on his own, or even acknowledge visiting family.
"He just opens his eyes like maybe a few seconds then closes them," says Rosemery Vega De La Rosa, the victim's niece.
De La Rosa Vasquez has been in critical condition for more than two weeks ever since police say a car slammed into him while he was walking on Wilson Street by the I-95 bridge.
It happened June 6 and the driver never stopped, police say.
Another driver saw the victim and called 911.
"He may have been trying to cross the street, he may have been walking in the roadway. We do not know," says Sgt. Jeffrey Booth, of Stamford Police.
Yovani De La Rosa Vasquez lives not far from Wilson Street, about a five-minute walk. Police think he was maybe heading home after picking up some groceries. They say they found items like eggs and a salad in his backpack.
"It’s dark over there but based on what I saw, there’s no way that they did not know they hit something," Booth says.
Police believe a dark-colored four-door sedan, possibly an Acura TL with a sunroof and an unknown Connecticut license plate, was involved in the incident.
They believe at least three people were inside and say a security camera caught it briefly stop nearby where a person got out to inspect the car for damage before taking off again.
"I don't know how they could even sleep at night because I can't even thinking about what happened. What if that happened to their family? How would they feel about it?" says Vega De La Rosa.
All they want is the people responsible caught and hope that by sharing their pain that someone comes forward.
"They left a person like literally dying and nobody should be treated that way," Vega De La Rosa says.
Police are hoping to hear from anyone who knows something about the incident or the car that they're looking for.
Anyone with information can contact the Stamford Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Squad at 203-977-4712 or Sgt. Jeffrey Booth at jbooth@stamfordct.gov.

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