North Branford teen moderates Facebook group that finds vaccine appointments

A 16-year-old from North Branford says he's personally signed up over 150 people to be vaccinated and he's not stopping any time soon.
Luke Izzo says when he first found the Vaccine Hunters and Angels Facebook group back in February, he knew he had to get involved.
For those having trouble finding a COVID-19 vaccine in Connecticut and New York, the page acts as a support group, information hub and resource guide.
Izzo says he's booked dozens of appointments for members personally.
As more doses of the vaccine reach the state, Izzo says it is getting easier to find and book appointments. But he says frustrated residents are still joining the Vaccine Angels group by the hundreds every day to look for help.
Izzo says it's important for people in the younger, 16-30 age group to get vaccinated also.
He's suggesting young people wait another week or so to make sure those over 45 can get in line first.
Gov. Ned Lamont said Monday 45% of residents 16 and older have already gotten at least one shot. The rate is at 82% for residents 65 and older.