North Rockland School District parents will not see property tax increase for 3rd consecutive year

People within the North Rockland School District will not see an increase in their property taxes for the third year in a row.
Aid secured by local state lawmakers for a second year in a row, which includes $1 million in special tax funding, made this financial feat possible.
As a result, people within the district will not see an increase in property taxes as they continue to climb out of debt from a tax settlement with Mirant Energy Company.
Sen. James Skoufis and Assembly Member Ken Zebrowski were in the district Friday afternoon.
"Third year in a row, they are not going out to taxpayers and asking for more. For the third year in a row, we're looking at a 0% tax increase here in North Rockland, which is phenomenal and welcomed news," Skoufis said.
"This is a great day for the North Rockland School District. It's been my pleasure to collaborate with so many people on this, and this district is really, truly on its way towards recovery," Zebrowski added.
The lawmakers also announced that they secured additional aid to create dozens of new openings for the district's universal pre-K program.