North Salem High School to host a drive-in graduation ceremony

North Salem Central School District is hosting its 2020 commencement ceremony in a unique fashion.
News 12 is told the graduation will take place at Four Brothers Drive-In Theater in Amenia on June 22 at 8:30 p.m.
It’s no surprise that seniors shared disappointment upon learning that their traditional special day would be canceled due to the pandemic.
“The fact that we don’t get to do the tiny little things that make up senior year, that we've seen seniors over the years do, is really disappointing,” says student Alexis Tamis.
Another student, Kaley Decina, described the proud ceremony as “…the cherry on top of your whole school career.”
Luckily, principal Vince DiGrandi and staff had a secret worth the surprise up their sleeves.
“To me, graduation was non-negotiable, you got to do something,” says DiGrandi.
That’s when North Salem High School administration thought to host their graduation ceremony on a silver screen.
The announcement was made through a video on YouTube featuring principal DiGrandi and students sharing their excitement.
“We’re going to have spots assigned. Make sure that we keep with our social distancing, and then everything will be pre-recorded on the screen,” says DiGrandi. "We'll do our valedictorian, our salutatorian, my speech..."
As for North Salem High School’s valedictorian, Chloe Tamis, she says there’s pressure having your final speech beamed on the big screen.
“I’m beginning to think about it and brainstorm and that kind of stuff, but I don’t have a draft yet,” says Tamis.
As a final tribute, diplomas will then be handed out to each student in their cars.
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